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The Merdeka Generation's Stories & Videos

Be inspired by stories of the Merdeka Generation that built our nation.

‘The Merdeka Stories’ is an anthology of four short films that depict the lives of the Merdeka Generation who grew up amidst the uncertainty of our nation’s formative years. Directed by four local award-winning directors, Don Aravind, Martin Hong, Priscilla Ang Geck Geck, and Wee Li Lin, together with local writer Jean Tay, the films look back at memorable experiences set in Singapore of yesteryear.

A Merdeka Story: The Factory Girl

A young girl in the 1970s has to leave school early to work, so as to provide for her family. Just when she thinks her dreams are dashed, new opportunities presents itself.

A Merdeka Story: The Kampong

A young man receives a helping hand from the kampong when his budding relationship with his girlfriend is put to the test by her father.

A Merdeka Story: The Mother

A Merdeka Generation mother’s struggles to provide for her three children by selling home-made kueh, and unknowingly leaves a lasting influence on her young daughter.

A Merdeka Story: The Soldier

A young man on the verge of NS enlistment is regaled by tales of courage and duty by his Merdeka Generation grandfather, who served in one of the first batches of National Service.

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