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Merdeka Generation Tribute Event

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong hosted over 200 representatives of the Merdeka Generation at a Tribute Event at the Gardens by the Bay. They included dedicated volunteers, public officers, business leaders and Singaporeans from all walks of life, many of whom continue to actively serve their communities and the nation today.

Singaporeans will be able to watch the video on Free-to-air channels, selected cinemas and various digital platforms including Gov.sg’s YouTube page.

Guests were also treated to performances by cultural luminaries and fellow Merdeka Generation members Dick Lee, Jacintha Abisheganaden, Mel Ferdinands and Rahimah Rahim. They debuted the Merdeka Sayang song, sung to the tune of the well-loved Rasa Sayang. Penned by Dick Lee, the lyrics convey the pride of the Merdeka Generation for the instrumental role they played in shaping Singapore’s progress, and the can-do spirit they lived by and continue to embody today.

To evoke memories of Singapore of yesteryear, art murals depicting the old sights of Singapore, such as street-side hawkers and old HDB estates, were installed, allowing guests to reminisce their past as we celebrated their contributions to Singapore.


Rasa Sayang hey! Rasa Sayang Sayang hey!
Hey, lihat nona jauh! Rasa sayang sayang, hey~ Hoi!

Verse 1
Once upon a time, I was only three
And our Singapore had no HDB
Home was in a kampong far from town
Or a small old house, a bit run down
But the country grew, and then so did we
‘Cause we saw the possibilities
We didn’t know we could come this far
At the time, we just say, “Just try, lah!”
Then, our TV was in black and white
Now the city lights, ah - a bit so bright!
Even though got hardships, we moved on
Before bus don’t even have aircon
Eh, to make this change, we have played our part.
Ya, we work so hard, but still young at heart 
Let’s hear it for us - like the lion’s roar
Una, renda, moona

We’re the Merdekas
Proud to be right where we are
Merdeka Generation
Merdekas have come so far hoi!

Verse 2
When we were in school, life was oh, so slow
Then it changed, and we were Go! Go! Go!
Then came factories and technology
See the joke she sent me - so funny! 
With our silver hair, we still contribute
With this attitude, we can still dress cute
With our satay, prata, chye tow kuay 
We got much more fats to burn away
We stay healthy in our small red dot 
Medisave, Medishield, every Medi also got
Some more now we all got MGP
Giving subsidies, we lagi happy
Going hospital? Never mind, don’t scared
Medisave top-up so you can relak
Guess we couldn’t really ask for more 
Satu, dua, tiga

We’re the Merdekas
Proud to be right where we are
Merdeka Generation
Merdekas we’ve come so far hoi!

Yi, One, Er, Two, San, Three!

We’re the Merdekas
Proud to be right where we are
Merdeka Generation
Merdekas we’ve come so far hoi!

Original music and Lyrics by Dick Lee
Performed by Dick Lee, Rahimah Rahim, Jacintha Abisheganaden & Mel Ferdinands
Re-arranged and produced by George Leong Recording Studio
Mixing by Horus Studio Pte Ltd
Coordinator: Bryan Tan
Licensed by: WMG (on behalf of WM Singapore)