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What’s in your Welcome Folder?

Have you received your Merdeka Generation Package Welcome Folder? Have a look at what you can expect inside it.

Eligible Singaporeans will receive the Merdeka Generation Welcome Folder in their mailbox from June 2019.

  1. Thank You Note from PM Lee
  2. Merdeka Generation Card
  3. List of Nearest CHAS Clinics
  4. Benefits Booklet
  5. Information on PAssion Silver Card Top-ups

Thank You Note from PM Lee

A note written by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong for Merdeka Generation seniors, as a sign of appreciation for their hard work and contributions to Singapore.

The Merdeka Generation Card

Merdeka Generation members should bring their Merdeka Generation Card (together with their NRIC) when they visit CHAS General Practitioners and dental clinics to receive their special Merdeka Generation benefits.

Merdeka Generation members do not need to bring their Merdeka Generation card to the Specialist Outpatient Clinics or Polyclinics.

List of 6 nearest CHAS Clinics

For easy reference, a customised list of six CHAS clinics located close to the Merdeka Generation senior’s address is included. The first four are the private GP clinics, while the bottom two are dental clinics. 

Benefits Booklet

A booklet outlining the benefits for Merdeka Generation seniors in all four languages (English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil) is included. It provides a comprehensive and detailed guide to what Merdeka Generation seniors get under the Merdeka Generation Package.

Information on PAssion Silver Card Top-ups

Wondering what course you should take to embark on your lifelong learning journey? Or how you can volunteer to help other seniors stay active? This pamphlet will provide you with some ideas on how to utilise your $100 PAssion Silver Card Top-ups.